Your trusted app to ward off pesky spam texts 💬

Unwanted spam text messages always find a way to disrupt our day. Spam Shield offers a privacy-first solution to automatically suppress notifications for unwanted text messages from people you have never had a conversation with before.

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Effective spam detection starts with a simple process

We take a rock-paper-scissor approach to filtering junk messages

Rock-hard rules

Rock-hard rules

Squash messages that have unwanted content

Book smart rules

Book smart rules

Analyse messages for known spam tactics and patterns

Cut away spam

Cut away spam

Reduce messaging clutter by marking spam messages as junk

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Why choose Spam Shield?



All spam detection decisions are made on device and the contents of your messages are never saved or shared



Easily toggle different detection functionality to fine-tune your situation



Spam messages are constantly evolving, use our built-in request system to submit new spam samples you've experienced and have them filtered

We are coming to the Apple App Store ✌️

Spam Shield will soon be made available on the App Store for iOS devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens to filtered messages?

When we identify a message as unwanted, it will become available in the Junk folder of iMessages and wont disturb your phone.

Which messages are checked for spam?

Spam Shield will only check SMS text messages from senders you have never had a conversation with before when they are initially delivered to your device. Engaging in a conversation that has been marked as spam will convert it to a normal conversation.

I'm receiving unwanted messages

Spammers are always changing their messaging tactics. Use the Request tab in the app to submit sample messages so we can actively take measures against these new formats and filter them. During the request process you can optionally provide contact information to receive updates about the status of your request.

Do my text messages ever leave my device?

Spam Shield treats user privacy as a top priority. All spam detection decisions are made on device and the contents of those messages are never saved. The only time data can leave your device is when submitting a request. A request is purely made up of the information you provide when filling in the form, such as sample messages or an email address for status updates. No additional data is captured or used in a request form.


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